NCConvo Podcast Season 2 Episode #3: Trinity and Covenant Theology

Gary and Stuart work through the several statements of the abstract of Gary’s position paper on the Trinity and Covenant Theology. To read this portion of the abstract visit or follow this link

NCConvo Podcast Season 2 Episode #1: Covenant and Trinity Introduction

In Season 2 of New Covenant Conversations, Gary and Stuart delve into Covenant Theology as it relates to the doctrine of the Trinity. Join us as we give an apology (reasoned defense) for why this conversation is worth having. Also, check out the website for posts that correspond to the podcast episodes at

NCConvo Podcast Episode #4: Hermeneutics and Covenant Theology Part 2

This is part two of a two-part episode on the relationship between Hermeneutics and Covenant Theology. How does a covenantal hermeneutic help guard us from going off the tracks as we interpret Scripture? What is biblical and systematic theology and how do they relate to covenant theology? Is biblicism Biblical? These and other questions are … Read more

NCConvo Podcast Episode #3: Hermeneutics and Covenant Theology Part 1

This is part 1 of a two-part episode about hermeneutics. In this episode Gary and Stuart talk about the importance of approaching Scripture with the proper hermeneutical framework. What is hermeneutics and how does it relate to Covenant Theology? What is the proper disposition we should have towards the Scriptures as we attempt to interpret … Read more

NCConvo Podcast Episode #1: Welcome to New Covenant Conversations Podcast

Welcome to New Covenant Conversations! In this inaugural episode, Gary and Stuart are introducing themselves and the resources provided by New Covenant Conversations. They also discuss the need for discussion of covenant theology and its importance for discipleship. Like us on Facebook @ncconvo and interact with us there. Give us a 5-star rating on iTunes if you enjoy the discussion and want more