Why New Covenant Conversations?

My purpose and intent is to encourage celebration in faith, hope, and love of the New Covenant as Scripturally revealed through the person and work of Jesus Christ the only Mediator between God the Creator-Savior and redeemed people, (cf. 1 Timothy 2:5, et al.). Exploring the mediating office and work of Christ is an astounding venture into the mysteries of the Kingdom of God/Heaven, (cf. 1 Corinthians 2, et al.). Engaging with the Scripture revelation of the New Covenant testifies to the Gospel of the grace of God in Jesus Christ and proclaims the Kingdom of God/Heaven (cf. Acts 20:24-25, et al.).  

It seems that the connection between the New Covenant Gospel and the Kingdom of God/Heaven is not well grasped for many Christian believers. This theological dislocation has resulted in misapplications and speculations often preoccupying the visible church and individual Christian believers which results in obscuring the better promises of the New Covenant (cf. Hebrews 8, et al.). Evidence of this confusion is witnessed by two often repeated questions, 1) what is the Gospel, and 2) what is the Kingdom of God/Heaven?  These two telling questions are not “make up your own answer” propositions. Yet that seems to be the default setting accepted leading to the “whatever it means to you” conclusion.

Remember Jesus’ High Priestly intercessory prayer in the Gospel of John 17 previews His mediatorial office and work for Christian believers validating the Scriptural Word of God as the supernaturally revealed truth of God, (the Gospel of John 17:17, et al.). Therefore it is to the God-breathed and providentially preserved texts of Scripture that we must submit our minds and hearts to pursue sanctified New Covenant conversations.  

Doxa Theo