The Holy Trinity and Covenant Theology Abstract Part 1

The most magnificent crown adorning the Christian faith and life is the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, and the brightest jewel of most precious worth atop that crown is the incarnation, resurrection, and glorification of the only begotten Son of God–Jesus the Christ, the perfect revealer of God the Father. Starting with the orthodox doctrine … Read more

Apology for Covenant Theology and Trinty Position Paper

Jesus said, “‘Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old.’” (Matthew 13: 51, 52, NKJV) Christian scholars having become  disciples in the kingdom of heaven/God, as masters of the household (Gk. οικοδεσποτη, oikodespotei=house-depot) are custodians of the treasured truths of … Read more


What is the importance of covenant in the Bible and to Chrisitan faith? At the heart of the Biblical meaning and importance of covenant is Uncreated-God’s self-revelation and voluntary reaching down into human existence in this created world. The word for covenant in both Hebrew and Greek Bible languages is sometimes translated “testament”. This translation … Read more

Why New Covenant Conversations?

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My purpose and intent is to encourage celebration in faith, hope, and love of the New Covenant as Scripturally revealed through the person and work of Jesus Christ the only Mediator between God the Creator-Savior and redeemed people, (cf. 1 Timothy 2:5, et al.). Exploring the mediating office and work of Christ is an astounding … Read more